Risks for Custodial Grandchildren
Poster presented at APA, 2019 - Chicago, IL
Language Patterns for IER
Poster Presented at APS, 2019 - Washington, D.C.
Interpersonal Emotion Regulation
Symposium Presented at OAGE, 2019 - Oxford, OH
AMMII and Health
Poster Presented at APA, 2018 - San Francisco, CA
Enhancing Social Competence
Poster Presented at OAGE, 2018 - Akron, OH
Age Invariance of AMMII
Poster Presented at OAGE, 2018 - Akron, OH
Symposium Presentation
"Young and Older Adults' Deceit Detection Accuracy as a Function of Cue Type"
Presented at GSA 2016 - New Orleans, LA
Reported Cues to Deception
Poster Presented at MPA, 2016 - Chicago, IL
Link: Podcast Interview beginning at 16:10
Linking Mind and Body
Poster Presented at GSA, November, 2015 - Orlando, FL
Symposium Presentation
"Why Older Couples Shouldn't Lie to Each Other"
Presented at MPA 2015 - Chicago, IL
Deceit in Couples
Presnted at Presidential Poster Session 2014 - Akron, OH
Relationship Closeness
Presented at MPA 2014 - Chicago, IL
Senior Honors Presentation
Spring 2011 - Akron, OH
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