My research background and interests are focused on understanding interpersonal emotion regulation (IER), familial influences on social skill development, especially in at-risk populations, and decision-making processes that occur across the lifespan. I use a wide array of methodologies such as quantitative, qualitative, observational coding, experimental, and longitudinal designs to capture the dynamic complexities that influence psychological and physical health outcomes for adolescents, couples, and intergenerational relationships.


I began doing research as an undergraduate student studying gender roles in the Gender Research Lab and am still collaborating on studies of masculinity. Through the Emotions and Aging Lab, I was able to experimentally study how people make decisions and judgments about across varying social contexts. My future research aims to investigate when, how, and why social judgments can change depending on the social partners involved in the dyad (e.g., romantic partners, grandparents and grandchildren, co-workers, strangers, etc.) and how social partners can influence socioemotional and social-cognitive processes to influence mental and physical health outcomes. 

Research Experience

2017 - Present                Enhancing Social Competence in Custodial Grandmothers and Grandchildren: A Dyadic Randomized Clinical Trial

                                          Project Director | Supervisor: Dr. Gregory C. Smith

                                          Collaborators: Dr. Frank J. Infurna, Dr. Megan Dolbin-MacNab, Dr. Max Crowley, Dr. Carol Musil, Dr. Gregory Hancock,

                                          Dr. Nancy Eisenberg

2017 - 2019                     Adult Romantic Couples' Use of Interpersonal Emotion Regulation in Everyday Contexts
                                          Doctoral Dissertation | Supervisor: Dr. Jennifer Tehan Stanley

2016                                 Emotions in Everyday Interpersonal Problem Solving
                                          FACS Coder | Collaborator: Dr. Vanessa Castro

2015 - 2017                     Emotions and Aging Lab Manager

2015 - Present                Age-related Trends in Masculine Role Norms (MRNI-SF)

                                          Collaborator with Dr. Jennifer Tehan Stanley, Dr. Ronald Levant, and Dr. Edward Thompson


2015 - 2017                     Effectiveness of Deceit Detection Training Methods in Older Adults

                                          Project Coordinator – Supervisor: Dr. Jennifer Tehan Stanley


2013 – 2015                    Age Differences in Detecting Deceit in Familiar Partners and Strangers

                                          Master’s Thesis – Supervisor: Dr. Jennifer Tehan Stanley


2014 - 2015                     Links between Mind and Body in Emotions with Age

                                          Collaborator with Dr. Jennifer Tehan Stanley


2010 – 2011                    Cognitive Effects in Non-clinical Depression

                                          Honor’s Thesis – Supervisor: Dr. Philip Allen


2009 – 2011                    Cognitive Aging

                                          Research Assistant – Dr. Philip Allen


2007 – 2011                    Men, Masculinity, and Alexithymia

                                          Research Assistant – Dr. Ronald Levant

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